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This form can be used to register for classes. Simply fill it in and submit it. We will contact you with a registration confirmation and payment information:

You can also find a printable form for faxing here.

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Class Name
The Full Aussie - lattice bracing, the Chapman method
Modern Classical Guitar Bracing
Basic Classical Guitar Construction
1-day French Polish Workshop
1-day Spray Finish Workshop
Dovetail Neck Resetting
Refretting Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Basic Steel String Guitar Construction
Extended Intensive Course
Extended Intensive Courses can be take separately, please contact Leeds Guitar for more information
  Please check this box to indicate that you have read and agree to the terms of this registration agreement below.  

Terms of Agreement

Registration fee of $500 per class ($1,000 for extended intensive), deductible from the total course costs, must accompany be received within 14 days of submitting this form. This fee is not refundable other than for non performance by Leeds Guitarmakers (see "refunds" below.) The mailing address for deposits is:

Leeds Guitarmakers 8 Easthampton Road, Northampton, MA 01060

Payment: Half of the course tuition must be paid 45 days prior to the beginning of the course. The balance is due one week before the course begins.

Refunds: Registration deposits are returned only if the course is insufficiently subscribed and the course must be cancelled.

Optional materials: Costs may vary if the student has ordered special materials or components for his or her instruments. Please call us for current rates and options.

Finishing: Please note that all the instruments will be completed "in the white," that is, without a finish coating. Finishing options are having the finish professionally applied and the instrument mailed to your home ($625 plus shipping costs), or attending one of the 1-day finishing workshops offered by the school.

Housing: Please call us for information. (413) 582-0034

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