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Guild of American Luthiers
The Guild of American Luthiers (GAL) is the oldest association of stringed instrument makers in the states. Their journal is one of the best resources for information on lutherie. You can check their site for back numbers of the journal and an index of articles.

Fellowship of Makers and Restorers of Historical Instruments (FOMHRI)
The Fellowship of Makers and Restorers of Historical Instruments has lots of information on renaissance and other period musical instruments. This site is a plain text site.

Lute Page
The Lute Page is all about Lutes, who makes them and plays them.

Woodworkers Journal
Woodworker's Journal magazine teaches advanced and intermediate level techniques, shares shop tips, provides a huge array of top-notch plans and keeps you up to date on the world of woodworking.

Japan Woodworker
We recommend their tools above all others. Tools from these folks are the only ones we sell as starter kits to our students.

Steve Warshaw's Bird Carvings
This site shows Steve's uncannily life-like carvings of birds. The skills which made him one of the finest guitarmakers we know are applied also to a very high form of avian sculpture.

Paul Jacobson Guitars
One on the leading classical builders in the country. His site is filled with lots of good information on techniques and tips.

World Guitarist
comprehensive listing of classical guitarists, concerts, guitarmakers and other items of interest world wide. The site is multilingual and gives a cosmopolitan view of the world of classical guitar from Baroque to New Music on all the continents.

The Milburn Brothers
The Milburn Brothers build wonderful classical guitars and they finish them with French polish shellac. They are more than generous in sharing their knowledge of the process, which they learned from Eugene Clark.

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Leeds Guitarmakers
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