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About the Tutorials

I am now offering tutorials which are one-on-one instruction with an emphasis on hand tool use in making guitars. This method of teaching is more intensive than classes as there are fewer distractions for the teacher. As a result fewer hours are required to finish a project as compared with a class setting.

Tutorials can be specifically designed for individual students, reflecting the special needs, experience level interests and time frame available to her or him.

Generally, the basic construction tutorials, which take 96 hours over 12 days, can be covered in a tutorial in about 60 hours over 7 days. Because of the intimate and intensive nature of the tutorial, more subjects can be covered than in a class setting.

Tutorial offerings

  • Basic Flat Top construction
  • Basic Classical Construction
  • Advanced design and research methods for classical guitar
  • Individually designed tutorials


  • Tutorials are charged for on an hourly rate of $50 per hour.
  • There is a charge for materials. Kits for basic courses are $375 for flat top steel string and $475 for classical guitars. All kits include all parts necessary to complete a playing instrument. Finishing materials are extra.

Registration - Click here for a printable registration form

Prospective students must contact us to make individual arrangements for tutorials. A deposit of 50% of the projected cost of the tutorial is required to schedule the tutorial. Cost of materials and an additional 25% of projected cost is due on the first day, with the balance due on the last day of the tutorial.

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